Frequently asked questions

Do i need to park the car at a Washing Bay?

No, you can just park at any parking lots that may provide ample space for us to work with on your car. Do provide us with the following details in your form to allow us to find your vehicle better; - Car Model
- Car Colour
- Car Plate
- Lot Number

Do i need to park at Multi Storey Carpark (MSCP)?

In order to prevent the wax, applicator and etc from drying out under the hot sun. It is recommended that the car is parked under a sheltered area. This also allows us to groom during cases of bad weather.

Who are the staffs whom will groom my vehicle?

All our Waaza cleaning specialists will have to go through theory training and practical training before they are allowed to start.

What happens in cases of bad weather ( drizzling, raining, thunderstorm and etc. ) ?

If the vehicle is parked outdoor, the appointment will be rescheduled. Vehicles that are parked in sheltered area will be groomed as stated in the appointment.

Do I need to present during the grooming session? Will I be notified when the grooming is completed? ​

No, you do not have to be present during the wash. We will update you via text message upon washing completion.

What happens if I suddenly have an urgent matter to attend and will not be available during the booked appointment?

We have a cancellation policy which includes that you have to notify us of any changes/cancellation 2 hours before the wash.
In the event, it is really an emergency, do contact our friendly staff to notify them of your unavailability and we will try to reschedule your grooming appointment with us.

Can waterless wash clean my vehicle with same efficiency as conventional wash using water? ​

Yes. In fact, our products cleans and provide a layer of synthetic polymer which prevents scratching up to a microscopic level as compared to conventional car wash which creates scratches at a microscopic level when wiping off the contaminants.

What is the difference in your packages you offer?

The main difference is the frequency of washes in the packages;
- Single Wash (will only be used once)
- Once Per Week (this is for wash once a week, for a month)
- Twice Per week (this is for wash twice a week, for a month)
- Everyday (daily wash, for a month)

Are the packages recurring?

Yes, it is. The packages offered are on a monthly basis, hence making it worry free while we do the job for you! Fret not, you will be able to cancel anytime!

Will my credit/debit card be charged after i made the booking?

Once you make a booking, the charges will be held by Stripe, a neutral payment processing company. The charges will only capture and be transferred to our company account after our groomer completed the booking.

Are there any scenarios where my booking is cancelled or if waterless washing is not possible?

In the event whereby it is raining, the groomer might cancel the booking due to the fact that most of our Waaza Specialists ride a bicycle to the vehicle location.

In rare circumstances, there are also vehicles which might be heavily covered in grime or mud. For situations like these, our groomers will call the owner and inform them that they have to cancel the booking and advise them to bring the vehicle for a rinse. This is because by continuing with the waterless wash, the process might cause scratches on the vehicle.

What are the operating times?

During early access, operational hours on weekdays will be from 8pm to 6am while operational hours on weekends will be from 10pm to 6am.

Where do you wash?

We provide island-wide car washing service, except for Sentosa.

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